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Japanese Swiss couple shares their pregnancy and parent hood experience

My name is Sandra and I met my Japanese husband ten years ago in Australia. Since then my life changed a lot! We had to survive six years of long distance relationship first before I moved to Tokyo in 2018.

Soon after that we had a traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony with my friends and family from Switzerland. In 2020 we welcomed our first son(right at the start of the pandemic).

...aaand we are expecting baby number two any day now and we are super excited. Life in Japan is full of adventures and cultural differences which is super fun and sometimes a little challenging and for sure never boring!

We started our own youtube channel to share a bit of our life here in Japan and talk about having and raising kids here.

Sandra's links:

Sandras choice for the first pregnancy: Kyorin University Hospital

Sandra’s choice for the second pregnancy: Ikuryo clinic meguro:

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