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Why Caroline transferred last minute from Aiiku to Matsugaoka Birth Center

Quotes from the episode :

  • I followed the advice: Keep the face relaxed and whole pelvic floor will be relaxed and doing that I believe helped me to deliver very quickly.

  • I had the feeling like being in trance, I was not listing to anyone. I was just doing whatever was crossing my mind to ease the pain. I was taking all kind of positions. I was very active in what I was doing but not consciously.

  • It’s not so much about the place where you deliver - it’s the mindset you have! Focus on yourself!

  • My whole focus was on ME ME ME

  • I loved so much my experience in Japan, having a natural birth..

  • Just go for it. If you are being negative, it’s only getting harder. It’s all about the mindset.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask.

Caroline’s book recommendation: The Continuum Concept - Jean Liedloff

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